New Year’s Resolutions

Okay, so, I haven’t posted here in two years. I’m sorry, poor blog! But this is how I am with blogs. I just…. Forget about them. I belong to a wonderful forum where I have my own thread and update everyone on my life almost daily, so I never have much to write about in blogs. But I’m going to try to make this my writing-related blog in the new year.

I have a few New Year’s Resolutions for this coming year, which is something I don’t usually do because they never stick, but… Hopefully this time will be different?

  1. Complete Remy’s story *and* Remy’s story sequel (yet to be appropriately titled). The original Remy’s story I’ve been working on since 2013, and while it’s 99% done, including the ending, there are a few scenes where I just left off halfway through because I couldn’t think what to write. Remy’s story *sequel* is currently a huge mess, because I wrote it for one NaNo and then wrote a completely different portion in another document for another NaNo and have yet to figure out how they fit together.
  2. Complete Alexz’s story. Another untitled one, and one I worked on for most of 2016. It’s ending has been written, but there are about 2 1/2 weeks of the tour that is unwritten. I would love to finish it up.
  3. Work 3 days a week, 4 hours a day. I’m currently at 2 days a week, 3 hours a day, but I often call in. My anxiety has made it very, very difficult for me to work, especially during the middle of this past year. It’s been getting better but it’s something I still need to work on a lot.
  4. Read *at least* 20 books, at least 12 of them should be from my TBR bookcase. Because I keep getting new books instead of reading the 500+ unread ones on my shelves.
  5. FINISH my 2003-on photo album. … I haven’t actually *started* the album, but this past year I worked a lot on going through my computer files and picking out which photos I want to go in it. From 2003 and on. Except I haven’t done 2016 yet.

That’s it. Those are my five major goals for the New Year. Maybe I’ll stick with them this time?


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