Monthly Archives: March 2017

Writing and reading

If I remember correctly one of my New Years Resolutions was to read 20 books this year. In the past week I have read five Nancy Drew Clue Crew books from the library. Clue Crew is for younger readers, and takes place when Nancy is eight years old. They are rather simple and in all but one of the books I read the solution to the mystery was beyond obvious, but they are nice little books with good illustrations. At one point in my life (several years ago) I claimed that I wanted to read every single Nancy Drew book in existence. Nowadays I might amend that a little, because I have no interest whatsoever in the newer graphic novels, but I really do love Nancy Drew in (almost) every form.

I have caved in and started writing Amanda-story sequel. *headdesks* I had it in my head for like two weeks before I finally caved. I haven’t written much, maybe 1k or so, only one scene so far. But I’m kind of curious to see how I can possibly push this. In this sequel it is ten years after they graduate high school (so about thirteen years from the end of the last novel), and Amanda is now married with an adopted daughter. Which means things are different, when Meg and Amanda reconnect, but there is still that raw pull between them and they both want to rekindle what they once had (although Meg will vehemently deny that at first). I can see this going several different ways, although I would like for Amanda to stay married. So I’m poking at it and writing a little and just kind of seeing where it goes. If I can get more of an idea for the overall arc of the plot before April I might be doing it for April’s Camp.

Camp. April’s Camp NaNoWriMo. That’s a thing, I do it every year, but I have not decided what to do for it. I need a firmer grasp on Amanda-sequel’s plot, if I were to do that. I also have Remy-sequel, where I need to figure out what Allison is ultimately going to do, and if they can get past Remy cheating. I don’t want to split them up, that was never my plan, but trust has been shattered. OH, and speaking of Remy-sequel, a friend (HI DI!) gave me a really good idea for a twist to the whole cheating plot line, and I might have to write that out too and see where it takes me.