New story? Plus random updates

Okay, so, someone needs to remind me that this blog of mine exists and that I should updated it more often. Camp NaNo was a bust, struggled the first four days, writing a total of 300 words, before I realized it just wasn’t going to happen and I needed to stop forcing it.

I have read two books in the last month. *sigh* I have four (five?) library books that are due in two weeks that I haven’t started. I have a LibraryThing Early Reviewer book that I received three weeks ago that I haven’t started, and it’s not that it doesn’t look interesting, it’s just… I don’t know. Just can’t concentrate on it.

Been back at work for a few weeks now, it’s… Going okay, I guess? 3 hours a day, two days a week, there is a little anxiety but nothing too bad. I get kind of overheated at work, though… The weather here has been 103-108 degrees in the afternoons, and while work does have air conditioning it never seems to reach the storage areas where I work most.

I have a… Very tentative story idea for November NaNo. Like many of my stories, it started out based on something that happened in my life, a girl I was close with when I was a kid and we lost touch for a long time, and then briefly resumed contact and at that point I kind of had a crush on her but never told her. She was… Kind of a wild teenager at that point, and sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we’d remained in touch, or if I’d told her how I felt. This story idea takes that and runs with it, and then my muse decided to throw a few interesting curve balls into the mix, and I think I might have the beginnings of something. It’s all in my head for now, haven’t done any actual outlining or anything, just kind of seeing where my thoughts take it for now.

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