Early October updates, NaNo flailing

I once again forgot to update for awhile, oops. Well, I read three of the five library books that I’d mentioned last post, took them back because I was at my renewal limit, and then went back like a week later and checked out the ones I hadn’t read again. However, I currently have THREE LibraryThing Early Reviewer books in my possession that I need to read and review. I’m like 3/4ths of the way through one, but it’s very information-heavy with statistics and such, so it’s taking awhile to get through it (I also have like a whole page of notes on what I’ve read so far so I can do an accurate review).

Writing… Yeah. That story idea I mentioned last post? Kinda died. I have like maybe 15-20k worth of story figured out, but then it just… Won’t go any further. I can’t seem to figure out anything more, figure out where to go with it from there. I’m hoping that if I kind of ignore it for a few weeks I’ll be able to come up with something solid. Right now I’m poking at my Alexz story; One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to finish my Alexz story, and I have literally written nothing at all on it this year. If I Rebel for NaNo this year, the way I did last year, and work on two stories, between the new idea and finishing Alexz story I could probably get to 50k. It’s just… As much as I *want* to finish Alexz story, and as much as I love the plot and the characters, it just isn’t really grabbing me right now. Basically, I’ve written most of the Big Plot-Driving Scenes (writing out of order as always), and now most of what’s left is just the 2 1/2 weeks of touring and shopping and such, which isn’t totally boring but I just can’t seem to get interested in writing it. *sigh*

I’m also betaing a wonderful, lovely, exciting novel for a dear friend in hopes that she can eventually publish it. So that’s been taking much of my writerly-brain concentration lately. In general I don’t really read sci-fi or fantasy (there are exceptions, like The Catalyst and sequel by Helena Coggan, and of course City of Hope and Ruin by Kit Campbell and Siri Paulson, but those are exceptions). But certain authors I’ll read pretty much anything they write because their *writing* is just so awesome, so the genre doesn’t really matter, and this friend that I’m betaing for is one of those authors. So yeah, that’s fun.


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