NaNoWriMo, to do or not to do?

Okay. So. It’s currently a tiny bit into November 5th, and I have written exactly ZERO words for NaNo so far. Nothing. Nothing at all. Not even a few rambling sentences. Nothing. And I want to, I want to so freaking badly, but it’s just… Not happening.

I have two semi-coherent ideas, one about a girl that goes to a boarding school and falls in love with her roommate, and the other that I think I mentioned awhile back about childhood friends getting reacquainted and falling in love. They are both interesting concepts where I have a couple ideas for scenes that I’d like to write, but neither of them are really grabbing me… That “omg I must write this! Omg these characters are awesome! Omg what on earth just happened here?!” that always happens when I get totally into a story idea, it’s just not there.

I love Remy-story-sequel dearly, this particular story-world is by *far* the longest thing I’ve ever written, both wordcount-wise and time-wise, I love the characters and I love the storyline and a part of me never wants to finish it because I can’t imagine not writing it anymore. And yet doing it for NaNo isn’t really possible right now I don’t think, I’m completely stuck with the current plotline. There is another plotline earlier in the story that I never finished writing out, and technically I guess I could try working on that, but I don’t know.

Amanda-story-sequel is something that *could* be finished as-is, the last part I wrote could work as a fairly good ending,  the promise to forget about the little slip-up and just keep what they have without really examining what the slip-up could mean beyond “it shouldn’t have happened”. But then, what if it didn’t end there? Because, now that Amanda has made one slip-up, it’s possible it could happen again. And what then? If it happens again would Meg make good on her threat to move out? What would happen if Amanda’s husband found out about the slip-up, would he freak out, would he kick Meg out, would he possibly think about leaving Amanda, or is it possible he would be understanding? The more I think about it the more I want to continue this story and see where it might go. So, I guess I could try to continue this for NaNo… Although I severely doubt even these new ideas have the possibility of 50,000 words.


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