Camp NaNo final tally, further goals

The past week was very productive! Not only did I meet my goal of 300 minutes of editing in April, I did more and ended April with 465 minutes! I feel so very very happy about that, especially after having to lower my goal and not doing anything at all the first half of the month.

I’m determined not to just totally stop, the way I often do when a NaNo-month ends. I’ve made a further goal, a total of 1,000 minutes of editing on Amanda-story (and possibly Amanda-sequel if I get too stuck/frustrated with the first one…). So with the 465 minutes I’m almost halfway to that goal.

I usually really really hate editing (most writers do!), in fact I normally don’t go back and edit my stories at all after finishing them… I’m not looking to publish, so what’s the point? There have been exceptions, though, including Remy-story (and sequel), and now Amanda-story/sequel. I’m actually having fun with it for the moment, poking at sentence structure and using the 40-year-old thesaurus that used to belong to my grandpa (it’s surprisingly still very useful!).

I think many non-writers don’t realize just how tedious editing can be and how long it can take to just fix one little sentence…. I have literally spent 15+ minutes figuring out the best way to phrase something, or if something is grammatically correct (spent 13 minutes today Googling whether ‘matter-of-factly’ was a real term, and also if it actually has hyphens or not).

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