Editing goal met! And other updates

So yes, I did meet my expanded editing goal of 1,000 minutes on Amanda-story! I actually met that goal fairly fast, around May 19th. I’ve been continuing to edit a bit, though not keeping track of the minutes anymore. I completely finished the first full pass through Amanda-story, and half-heartedly poked at the spot in the story where I jumped over multiple weeks and eventually need to write those weeks leading up to the climax, but I haven’t actually written anything new on it.

I have, however, started poking at Remy-story-sequel again. I actually opened up the first Remy-story to fact-check something in it, and that kind of got my mind on it, and at work on Thursday I was doing my normal ‘make up stories in my head while doing boring work-tasks’ and kind of possibly hit on an idea for continuing the part of Remy-story-sequel that I’ve been stuck on. I haven’t written on it in so long because I’ve been so unsure of how to proceed, I always planned for them to stay together but after writing out Allison’s reactions/feelings about Remy’s cheating I wasn’t sure how realistic that was for her character anymore. But during my little ‘making up stories’ thought-ramblings on Thursday I may have kind of figured out how to… Well, not *fix* things between them, so much as give Allison more help with getting past it. A conversation between Avery and Allison that could have Avery giving Allison some advice based on her past experiences. At one point awhile back I’d even toyed with the idea of Avery and Allison both leaving Remy and just being a couple together, if Allison couldn’t get past this, but then that’s not realistic for Avery because she loves Remy too much (and the cheating itself was never a big deal to her). But now I may have figured out how to do things, maybe… I haven’t started writing any of the stuff I thought of, though.

In non-writing news, life has been hectic. At work, my boss of 5+ years left the company, which was really really difficult to deal with (my new boss is fine, he’s just not her, yunno?). My birthday was awesome and included a surprise visit from my stepdad, but it also included a non-baptism and freakout. My mom is having a lot of trouble with her leg, lots of pain and walking issues, she has some new doctors that might possibly help but not sure yet. And we are currently scrambling to clean/organize 8 years of belongings in our apartment because of bug issues that require a deep-spray and getting rid of a lot of stuff (including the couch I love so much that used to belong to my grandparents).

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