Final Camp stats and other updates

I finished July’s Camp NaNo with 1,226 minutes of editing, yay! That’s a little over 20 hours of editing in one month, yay! It’s also a good 700+ *more* minutes of editing then I did during April’s Camp, yay!

I finished the first editing pass of Amanda-sequel and got through 94 pages of Remy-sequel (still have 46 pages left). And I realized just how much of a mess the first part of Remy-sequel is, wow. I wrote the beginning ‘moving in’ part as part of NaNo a few years back, and apparently I really embraced the ‘write first, think later’ aspect of NaNo… The continuity is just a mess, multiple instances of the characters finishing a part of the moving and then a few paragraphs later they are finishing it again, that sort of thing. Also tons of unneeded detail, but I always do that with NaNo stories. It’s kind of fun to read back through it though, I’ve been writing Remy-universe for so long that there are actually parts I’d kind of forgotten about (like when they invite their new neighbors over for a ‘get acquainted dinner’ and end up telling them the whole backstory of how they got together and such, and one of the neighbors is way way too nosy about it… That was fun to write).

In non-writing news, my anxiety has been through the roof lately. Like, really really bad, the worst it’s been in well over a year. Some of it is circumstance-driven, like when work transportation forgot to pick me up and I had a huge attack, but it’s definitely more then *just* because of stressful things. I have a psych appointment on the 14th and I’m going to talk to her about possibly increasing the dose on my anxiety medication, I am currently taking the lower dose so that’s probably an option.


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