Updates… NaNo??

Haven’t updated because I haven’t really had much to update about… Haven’t done much editing since last post, no actual writing. I’ve kinda-sorta decided to pants NaNo (ie, flying by the seat of your pants, ie not planning out the story first) although I do need to at least jot down a few notes to remind myself what I was thinking of before in the stories. I’ve also kinda-sorta decided to not focus on the 50,000-word goal and just use this NaNo to actually get me *writing* again regardless of word count. At this point I think 50k in one month is just too much to ask after not writing more then 100 words of fiction in a full year.

In non-writing news, I’ve been going to therapy every other week. That’s…. It’s going well, it’s kinda emotional and stuff but it’s going well. Saw my psych-med doctor today and she increased my new-ish anxiety med as well as added a med that will hopefully help the actual anxiety instead of just masking the symptoms. The anxiety has been pretty bad lately, it seems I’m getting anxious a lot easier, over a lot more things, and it escalates fast.

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