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Update and rambling about attraction

I’ve been feeling a little better lately. Still definitely more depressed then is “normal” for me, still having anxiety attacks most days, but I’m also having more “up-moments”, more laughing and smiling, longer stretches of time where I’m actually fairly happy, etc. Most of the laughter comes from either Food Channel shows (when the heck did I get so addicted to food competition shows?!), or the multiple SwanQueen groups on Facebook. (Now if only I could make my computer stop freezing every 10 seconds when I’m on Facebook…).

Let’s see, the only other news of any kind is that I’ve gotten a little weirded out while looking through my old yearbooks (there was a specific reason for the whole yearbook-search I was doing. That specific reason was not solved. But… it was freaking cool anyways). It’s always so strange to look back at grade-school yearbooks and see how *young* everyone looks omg, but also for the people who I’m Facebook-friends with, just how different *or* the same these people look!! It’s actually really fun. … Except I’ve noticed a weird trend about my love life, or lack thereof. Despite *never having actually dated* a blonde, apparently *every single RL crush I’ve ever had* has been on a blonde. From my very first real crush in 6th grade, to my most recent… All the way. Apparently I’m very attracted to blondes. Which is *really* strange, since no one I’ve ever dated has been blonde, *and* no celebrity I’ve ever crushed on has been blonde (that I can remember). So…. huh? lol